In Garden, Sprinkler system is essential for summers and a must-have if you want a fresh looking garden.

In ground Sprinklers can be beneficial to both large and small lawns at all times of the year.

Finding the best in ground sprinkler system can be a tough job due to so many available options.

Hence today, we will help you to find the best garden sprinkler system.

Your lawn will quickly become parched if it has been a very dry month. That is the time when you will be apple to appreciate the usefulness of the best in-ground lawn sprinklers.

With the spring bank holidays approaching and summer approaching, now is the ideal time to get your garden in shape.

For this, your first work is to get a good in-ground sprinkler system for the lawn.

Top 3 In Ground Sprinkler System Compared

Before reading the whole article to see our top 5 in-ground sprinkler systems, here are our top 3 picks with a fair comparison.

Rain Bird 32ETI4.75

Rain Bird 32ETITop Rated

  • Has an automatic watering system.
  • Has a Medium coverage of 1000-3000 square feet.
  • Can produce water pressure from 45-75 psi.
  • Can flow 6-12 gallons of water per minute.
  • There is a professional grade hose-end timer.
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Quick-Snap QSK-7454.00

Quick-Snap QSK-745Value for Money

  • Powerful and compact sprinkler.
  • Automatically drops down when water flow is off.
  • Can water up to 5000 square feet.
  • Easy to install and set the spray pattern.
  • Comes as a whole kit.
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Rain Bird LG3HE3.50

Rain Bird LG3HEMost Affordable

  • Easy to install and can get installed without any trenching.
  • Pops down after Watering is done.
  • You can use it throughout the year.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
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Types of Lawn Sprinklers

When it comes to lawn sprinklers, you can find many different options. Before scrolling down to our list of the best in-ground sprinkler systems, you need to the different types of lawn sprinklers.

  • Impulse Sprinklers: They are more suitable for lawn like Golf course. Out of all the lawn Sprinklers, they come with the most incredible range.
    Impulse Sprinklers fire a horizontal spray around its base, producing an adjustable circular coverage that rotates with a clicking effect.
  • Smart Sprinklers: These are the newest available technology and the most expensive. These are more suitable for professional works rather than home use. Smart sprinklers are sprinklers for a large lawn.
    You can program which areas you need to be watered and when the system should work by controlling your automatic watering system via Wi-Fi and integrating it with other smart home devices.
  • Spot Sprinklers: If you want a sprinkler for a smaller lawn, then spot sprinklers are a good choice. Water is sprayed straight into the air, and the water droplets drop in a circular or square pattern across the sprinkler.
  • Rotating or Rotary Sprinklers: They are opposite Spot Sprinklers. They create a horizontal spray around their middle, but they are quieter and have a shorter range than impulse sprinklers.
    They’re used in many best in-ground automatic sprinkler systems because they quickly pop up from the ground.
  • Oscillating Sprinklers: These lawn sprinklers come with a tube that oscillates back and forth, creating a rain-like arc covering a wider rectangular shape that you can adjust.
  • In-ground Sprinkler System: This lawn sprinkler is very interesting as it gives the user to customize it according to needs.
    You need to set pop-up sprinkler heads and tubing to be mounted underneath your lawn. You can customize each sprinkler’s coverage (also known as “the zone”) to suit your lawn’s needs and environment.
  • Traveling Sprinklers: Don’t get confused by the name, as the lawn sprinkler technically doesn’t travel, and the water flow does. Follow a hose as it rolls over your lawn, spraying water from two spinning spray guns. Traveling Sprinklers are really useful for erratic yards because you can lay the hose in any pattern.

Why Should You use an In Ground Sprinkler System

Before you make up your mind and decide to get an in-ground sprinkler system, you must know the advantages of using it. Hence, let us discuss the benefits of an in ground sprinkler system.

  • Water at Your Required Time: The best time to water your lawn is probably in the morning. There are several reasons for it; watering while the sun is down decreases evaporation.
    Setting a timer on your automatic sprinkler system is the best way to take advantage of early morning watering.
  • Perfect Amount of Water: Weather and soil moisture sensors are used in advanced automated sprinkler systems to provide the perfect amount of water at the right time. An advanced device can miss scheduled Watering if rain is detected, preventing oversaturation of your lawn and saving you money.
  • Aesthetics: The sight of a garden hose strewn across your lawn is unappealing. This is a necessary side effect if you don’t put the hose away after each watering session.
    This can even cause severe injuries to your children and pets who are always playing on the lawn; as they trip over the hose.
    On the other hand, the in-ground Sprinkler system emerges from the field, spray the grass, and vanish. And your garden always looks good in the eyes; you do not need to see the hose laying around.
  • Ease of Access: The most obvious reason to go automatic is to reduce the amount of time you spend watering your lawn. You can configure a timer to trigger the sprinklers and water your lawn at specific times on specific days of the week.

Top 5 Best In-Ground Sprinkler System

Now that you know the necessity of an In-Ground Sprinkler System for your lawn, here are our top 5 recommendations for you.

1. The Orbit 50020 In-Ground Sprinkler System

  • Complete Kit: It comes as a full kit that includes Blu-Lock tubing and fittings, 200lb pressure gauge, 6 high-efficiency sprinklers.
  • Easy Installation: It is designed so that you can easily install it without much hassle.
  • Green Design: This in-ground sprinkler system is a green design that removes the need for toxic glue, clamps, or primer. These elements could harm your health, your lawn’s health as well as cause harm to the environment.
  • Water Conservation: It has a timer that will allow rain delay. Hence you will not be watering during rain which will eventually save you a lot of water.

The Orbit Inground sprinkler system comes with a dimension of 19.5 x 17.75 x 5.38 inches along with a weight of 1 pound.

The Orbit 50020 in ground lawn sprinkler is a perfect choice for the medium and medium-large area lawn. It covers a range from 2300 to 6900 square feet. You will have more than decent water pressure and flow with this lawn sprinkler.

The proprietary Blu-Lock tubing system employs an innovative stainless steel retaining ring that grips the flexible pipe from the outside, allowing for a simple, easy-to-install fitting that is 80% faster and 25% stronger than conventional barb fittings, giving you a stronger system in far less time.

With this in-ground sprinkler system for lawn, you do not need to buy anything extra as it comes as a complete kit, saving you a lot of money.

The Timer feature is outstanding in saving water as it has a feature rain delay that will eventually stop watering during rain.


  • Blu-Lock, so you won’t be needing any glue or plumber for setup.
  • Has a flexible programming option.
  • It can cover a pretty large area.
  • Has sufficient pressure and force for medium size lawns.


  • You might run out of joining parts, so consider getting few extras.
Top Rated

2. Rain Bird 32ETI In-Ground Automatic Sprinkler System

  • Automatic: This in-ground lawn sprinkler is fully automatic hence will water your lawn by itself.
  • Retraction Motion: It has a feature to retract itself into the ground, which makes your mowing easier.
  • Professional Grade Hose end Timer: The 32ETI has a professional-grade hose timer which will make your work much easier.
  • Easy Installation: As the name suggests, you can easily install this automatic in-ground sprinkler in a single afternoon.

The Rain Bird 32ETI Easy to Install In-Ground Automatic Sprinkler System Kit has a dimension of 20 x 10 x 20 inches with a weight of 9.5 pounds.

The Rain Bird 32ETI Easy to Install In-Ground Automatic Sprinkler System Kit is another great size for medium size lawns.

It has a coverage range of 1000-3000 square feet. This Lawn sprinkler system has a pretty good water pressure of 45-75 psi which can flow at a 6-12 gallon per minute flow rate.

Instead of continuously shifting hoses and sprinklers, you can spend your summers enjoying your lawn with this completely automated, in-ground sprinkler system watering your yard.

This high-quality sprinkler system is easy to install and will help you maintain a lush, green lawn season after season.

The Don’t expand system will help you understand how much extra tubbing or rotors you can add. Because adding too much will reduce the performance of this lawn sprinkler, and pop-up rotors won’t rotate.

You can set up your timer setting in the meter, which is very large and is easy to read.

Enter the ideal watering days, start time, and length. Allow the timer to take care of the rest during the season.

Watering twice a day is one of the advanced features, with one-touch override buttons for water Now and Cancel Watering.


  • Easy to make the top of rotor adjustments.
  • The timer settings are large and easy to read.
  • The rotating feature of sprinklers makes it very convenient.
  • It runs with a battery, so no need for an electrical power source.


  • You cannot add extra tubing or rotor as it slows down performance.
Value for Money

3. Quick-Snap QSK-745 In-Ground Pop-Up Sprinkler

  • Easy Installation: This in-ground lawn sprinkler is very easy to install and doesn’t require more than few minutes to install.
  • It Comes as a Kit: It comes with a lot of useful fittings, which includes 5 Sprinklers, five hose connectors, along three-line splitters.
  • Auto Pop Up and Down: The Quick-snap QSK 754 pops down as soon as the water connection is off so that you will face no problem mowing your lawn.

The Quick-Snap QSK-745 adjustable in ground sprinkler comes at a dimension of 12 x 12 x 4 inches with a weight of 2 pounds.

In case you are looking for the best in ground lawn sprinkler with which you don’t need to dig up your lawn, then the Quick-Snap QSK-745 in-ground sprinkler is for you.

This lawn sprinkler system is simple to install and does not require pipes. You do not even need plumbers; you can do it yourself.

All you need for a quick installation is included in the package.

These are simple to set up, modify, and switch around as necessary. Installing a sprinkler head takes about 10 minutes.

The rotation can also be adjusted as your needs to any size, and it comes in a range of 40-260 degrees.

Each sprinkler has an adjustable range of 17-40 feet or 34-80 feet circles, which means each sprinkler can cover up to 5000 square feet of lawn.

Spray angles can be changed for customized watering applications.

To foster green grass and remove brown spots, evenly cover your lawn. High-efficiency nozzles guide raindrops exactly where you want them to land, preventing windblown overspray.

The hose connection is easy and fast, and the hose can be left attached during the season.

The Quick-Snap sprinkler remains concealed when the water hose is not connected or turned on. The water link is simple and fast. A timer can be added to the faucet for a fully automatic device.


  • The sprinkler stays hidden when not in use.
  • It can cover a large range of 17-40 feet along with 34-80 feet in circles.
  • Has a customized spray angle.
  • You can further add a timer that will make this an automatic sprinkler.


  • You cannot bury the sprinkler.

4. Quick-Snap In-Ground Pop-Up Adjustable Sprinkler QSK-742

  • Gear Driven: This is an easy to install In-ground sprinkler system, yet the rotating sprinklers are gear-driven.
  • Easy to Install: You can easily install it yourself; you won’t be needing any professional to install this lawn sprinkler.
  • Large Coverage Area: Water up to 5000 square feet each with a snap-on hose from either direction.
  • Comes with Accessories: It comes with two sprinklers along with a hose line y splitter, and hose connector.

The Quick-Snap 742 adjustable sprinkler has a dimension of 10 x 6 x 4 inches with a weight of 2 pounds.

This is one of the easiest to install and use in-ground sprinkler systems in our review list.

There’s no need to dig a trench in the lawn or pay for buried plumbing. They’re buried safely until they’re needed. You can mow over them.

Make sure to attach the hose to the detachable quick-connect, and the riser will rise 5 inches above the ground due to water pressure.

At 2.5 gallons per minute, a strong stream throws water 17 to 40 feet. The rotation can be set anywhere between 40 and 360 degrees.

Both settings are conveniently located on the top of the device and are simple to change whether the unit is turned on or off.

You can install these sprinklers anywhere you want to due to their convenience.

Most front lawns can be watered absolutely with only two sprinklers, one in each corner.

A Quick-Snap Spray is needed for smaller watering areas.

The hose attaches spins, making it simple to connect the hose from either angle.

The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow.

These are heavy-duty sprinklers that will have years of reliable service.

Using the included Y’-connector, you can chain two of them off the same hose line, depending on your water pressure.

Moreover, you can make this an automatic lawn sprinkler, you just have to add a timer in the faucet, and you will have an automatic garden sprinkler.


  • Feature to add a timer in the faucet.
  • It comes with a y connector for connecting two sprinklers with the same hose line.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Heavy-duty design.


  • Digging the hole for the sprinkler can be a bit tricky.
Most Affordable

5. Rain Bird LG3HE In-Ground Sprinkler with Click-N-Go Hose Connect

  • Easy Use: Each time you spray, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of setting up and removing sprinklers.
  • Adjustable Coverage Range: Adjustable coverage for watering areas up to 5,200 square feet.
  • High Pressure: It has a pressure of 25-50 psi that gives a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute.
  • Additional Timer: You can add an additional timer to turn this impact sprinkler to turn it into an automatic in-ground sprinkler system.

The Rain Bird LG3HE In-Ground Impact Sprinkler has a dimension of 5.38 x 5.38 x 9.34 inches with a weight of 1.94 pounds.

Another Sprinkler from Rainbird, and likely so, they have a huge versatility of gardening products and sprinklers.

Hence, it was a must to include in our list of the best in-ground sprinkler system. LG3HE In-Ground Impact Sprinkler with Click-N-Go Hose Connect from Rain Bird has All the benefits of a professional in-ground sprinkler with the added convenience of a built-in garden hose quick connect.

It can be installed very easily in your lawn without any need for trenching and can cover an area up to 5200 square feet.

This pop-up impact sprinkler is long-lasting and is especially well-suited for use with hard water and well water with high mineral content, which can clog and corrode other sprinklers.

The “Water Saver” PJ spray guide arm is made of brass and is weighted to regulate water flow and avoid side splash onto buildings and walkways.

The arm is double-weighted for a slower rotation and a throw distance of up to 41 feet.

The Diffuser screw makes sure to separate water into small drops for more uniform Watering and reduces radius by up to 25% heavy-duty, high-impact case with ribbed construction for added strength.

The rolled lip design helps set the correct installation height, keeps grass and weeds out of the head, and reduces backwash.


  • The diffuser screw separates water into small drops.
  • The installation height can be corrected due to the roll-up design.
  • It reduces backwash.
  • Has a large spray distance of 26 inches to 41 inches.


  • As the run time increases, the water flow can decrease a bit.

Best In-Ground Sprinkler System Buying Guide

Regardless of the fact what you are buying, a buying guide is really important.

It’s like the set of rules and guidelines to find the best product for yourself. Hence, down below, we will give you a buying guide that will help you to find the best in ground sprinkler system.

Having a good sprinkler will support you. The sprinkler will take care of the lawn’s upkeep. Nonetheless, your decision to choose a sprinkler specific to the type of lawn you have.

Coverage Area

You need to very specific about your coverage area because this will affect your decision on what sprinkler you should get.

You must check the coverage area concerning the size of your backyard lawn. Smaller coverage areas are better for backyard lawns, whereas more expansive coverage areas are better for more extensive lawns.

If you have a wide area to water, you will want to consider an in-ground sprinkler device with a controller.

3200 square feet, 3800 square feet, and even 13500 square feet are all examples of this rating in square feet. The highest coverage area of all these solutions is 13500 square feet, which is typically accomplished by using a moving lawn sprinkler.

While watering the grass in your backyard, most lawn sprinklers allow you to adjust the coverage area according to your convenience and needs.


The range is a bit different from the Coverage area; it is simpler in the sense that it only reminds you of the maximum distance a in ground lawn sprinkler system will spray water.

You can quickly determine this with the angle of your lawn sprinkler’s nozzle. The angle can vary in a different range from 30-60 degrees or 45-9 degrees.

The range is entirely dependent on the type of lawn sprinkler you’re using, and you will be able to get a range of 20 feet to 40 feet or between 30-50 feet.

But to get this range, you will need to adjust the angle according to your preferences. A higher lawn sprinkler range, as you would imagine, lets users cover all corners of your backyard lawn.


The warranty also helps when you are buying a tool.

As for lawn sprinklers, the warranty can be pretty helpful since you will be using them outside, and they will go through lots of environmental hazards.

Even though a lawn sprinkler is a relatively easy tool or piece of equipment, you should check the warranty length.

Different in-ground lawn sprinkler system offers different length of warranty. As a matter of fact, a best in-ground lawn sprinkler system includes warranties such as 2-year or 3-year warranties that come standard with various lawn sprinkler models.

Some also have lifetime warranties, making them incredibly dependable and long-lasting. If you want your lawn sprinklers to last a long time, look for styles that are heavy-duty and rust-proof.

Compatibility with Hoses

A lawn sprinkler has no use if you cannot provide it with water. It needs water as a primary source to water all of the grass and plants in your lawn.

And this is when water hoses come into play. They hold water from the faucet to your lawn sprinkler make this possible.

However, to guarantee that you can use a lawn sprinkler properly, make sure the water hose is compatible.

Now water hoses come into different shapes and sizes, and all in-ground sprinkler systems cannot be compatible with all the sizes of hose.

So, you need to find the best match depending on your needs. You can find water hoses as large as 5/8 inches or 3/4 inches are available.

Since this is the width of the water hose, it must fit snugly in order to provide a leaf-free fit while enabling you to use a lawn sprinkler.

It would be best to look at the length of a water hose, as a 200-foot hose is preferable to a 100-foot one. So, this will enable you to cover all corners of your lawn and gardens easily.


The budget should be one of the most critical components before buying any tools. You can easily empty your whole pocket while buying any gardening tools.

It is essential that you buy the best in ground sprinkler system by keeping your budget in mind.

In-ground sprinkler system comes in different price ranges, do not rush your choice by getting something much more expensive than your needs.


If you want a good-looking fresh lawn or backyard, then the ground sprinkler system’s inclusion is necessary. Finding the correct lawn sprinkler can be a tough job. Hence here in our list of the best in-ground sprinkler systems, we have included the best in-ground lawn sprinklers.

These sprinklers are well tested and have earned a name for themselves from the various user using them. So, without waiting further, why not just read the list and get the lawn sprinkler you like the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most efficient sprinkler?

It is actually quite tough to say which is the most efficient sprinkler system. There are many types of lawn sprinklers and what you will need depends upon your usage and requirements.

We have discussed 5 best in ground sprinkler system so far. Hence, you can select anyone that you like the most. Or, to make it more selective, you can check our pick of the top 3 in-ground sprinkler systems.

Are in ground sprinklers worth it?

Yes, they are completely worth the pay you will be paying for them. Especially during summer, in-ground sprinkler systems can be a lifesaver for your plants, lawns, and garden.

If you own an in-ground sprinkler system, your life will be so much easier, and your backward lawn can get full access to water at its needs. As a result, they will always stay healthy and fresh.

Is warranty really important for in ground sprinkler system?

Warranty is a no brainer, and it’s not like you cannot get an in-ground sprinkler system without a warranty. But it always helps if your lawn sprinkler comes with some period of warranty.

Moreover, the best in ground sprinkler system from good brands always comes with some sort of warranty which can vary from 2-5 years. Some brands, on rare occasions, also offer a lifetime warranty.