Lawnmowers help to keep your lawn clean and tidy. The blades mainly do the cleaning work.

But what about cleaning the blades? Do rusty and corroded blades look good? Absolutely not!

Only a handful of people wipe off the lawn mower blades using a cloth. And a majority of them don’t care about it.

Doing so, your blades get corroded and rusty for a long time and lose their sharpness. Besides, serious accidents can also occur if the blades are rusty and old.

So if you don’t want to have rusty blades and prefer clean, sparkling, and sharp ones, you should know how to clean lawn mower blades.

So we’re with a guideline where we’ll cover the cleaning procedure of your lawn mower blades and many more things.

So keep reading…

How to Clean Lawn Mower Blades

Lawn Mower blades need to be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt and debris from getting set inside them.

Once they get stuck permanently, they will produce rust in contact with moisture and air.

As a result, the blades will lose sharpness and might break at one point.

However, cleaning the blades is manageable with proper guidelines and tools. So follow the following guide to clean lawn mower blades.

Step 1: Put On Safety Equipments


  • The first step is to wear hand gloves and other safety gear to handle the sharp blades and edges properly.
  • Besides, you can also wear eye goggles to protect your eyes.

Step 2: Empty Lawn Mower’s Fuel Tank

You need to empty your lawn mower’s fuel tank in this part.

This is due so that the fuel doesn’t spill out from the tank. While cleaning the blades, the lawnmower should be kept upside down, and there’s a high chance of fuel leak or spill.

That’s why we’ll empty it before starting.

Step 3: Remove Spark Plug

The blades will be rinsed and cleaned with water. That’s why it’s essential to ensure no current flow while doing these.

So after emptying the fuel tank, you need to disconnect or remove the wire of your lawn mower’s spark plug.

Doing this will ensure no current flow and accidental power is on.

It’s better to keep a wrench around because you might need one for some lawnmowers.

Step 4: Clean Mower Blades

Now’s the time to clean your lawn mower’s blades.

You need to grab your hose and spray down your lawn mower blades.

The speed of the spray will clean the dirt and debris off the blades.

Be careful not to use too speedy sprays to break or deform the blades. It would be best to do this as long as all the dirt gets removed.

Now you might ask, how to clean grass from lawn mower blades? Well, use a brush to remove the remaining dust and grass.

We recommend using a soft brush first and then a stiff brush to clean tough and strong dirt properly.

Using our guide is the best way to clean lawnmower blades. It would be best to never keep your blades wet after cleaning as the moisture can affect them.

Don’t forget to use clean clothes to dry them off properly!

What To Use To Clean Lawn Mower Blades

Only spraying the blades with water and cleaning them isn’t enough to have sharp and perfectly working blades.

Proper maintenance is necessary if you’ve planned to use a lawnmower for a long time.

  • In addition to using hose pipes and sprays, stiff brushes are needed to clean the sticky dirt and grass properly.
  • A clean and dry cloth is required to wipe off the excess water and dry the blades. As a result, there’ll be no moisture left and less chance of rust formation.
  • The lawn mower and its blades need to be stored and maintained properly to achieve a life cycle.
  • Different cleaning agents need to be applied before sharpening the blades. The best one of them is the WD-40, which effectively prevents rust.
  • Finally, you should consider using a lubricant for your lawnmower and the blades.
    The lubricants will reduce friction and heat formation. This will result in better efficiency and a longer life cycle.
    You can use any lubricant you want that fits lawnmowers!

How to Clean Rusty Lawn Mower Blades?

Forming rust on metallic lawn mower blades is normal.

So you need to take preventive measures to stop rust formation.

After you clean mower blades, it’s recommended to use a WD-40 as it’s the best lawn mower blade cleaner.

The WD-40 prevents grass from sticking and keeps the moisture away. As it’s a spray, only a few sprays all over the blades will be enough to keep them safe from rusting.

Besides, they are an effective lubricant as well.


So that’s on how to clean lawn mower blades. We believe we could break down the complex process simply and more efficiently for better understanding.

So next time when you need to clean your lawn mower’s blades, this guide will come in very handy.

Good luck cleaning your lawn mower blades. And for anything more to know, we’re always a knock away!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often to Clean Blades of Riding Lawn Mower?

It depends on the time you use. If you’re a frequent lawn mower user, you need to clean the blades twice in 6 months.

But for regular use, cleaning the blades twice a year is enough!

How Do You Clean a Lawn Mower Blade Before Sharpening It?

Before sharpening the blades, you need to remove the dirt and grass from them. You need to take off the blades and use the spray to clean the blades and the brush to make them shine!

How Do You Keep a Lawn Mower Blade From Rusting?

Using WD-40 is a wise decision to keep lawn mower blades from rusting. In addition, you need to store the lawnmowers away from moisture and water.